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Cloudflare, Nginx, HAProxy, and Caddy

Kyle Takeuchi

I am very interested in learning new technologies, and coming from a networking background I've never had much of an opportunity to dabble with webservers at work. I originally intended to simply use Caddy to serve the website, however the more I researched, the more I found information on Nginx and HAProxy...

Here's whats in my homelab

Detailed descriptions and reasonings behind the hardware I have chosen that comprise of what I call my home lab.

Kyle Takeuchi

Starting with the rack, I have a StarTech 25u Adjustable Depth four post rack. In my albeit limited experience, I have found this server rack to be perfectly sufficient for my needs. It feels sturdy, provides room for adjustments, and wasn't difficult to build. Continuing on, from the top down, 1u SuperMicro CSE-505-203B chassis which houses my external firewall that runs PFSense . . .

High availability squid proxy

Details of my current setup and implementation of squid proxies in my homelab environment.

Kyle Takeuchi

Squid proxy is a powerful yet free web proxy that utilizes a local cache to help reduce bandwidth and increase the responsiveness and load times of static content on frequently visited sites. I make use of squid's built in ACL (Access Control List) features to control which servers are allowed to access certain external sites. I utilize the global profile to force all http/https traffic sourcing from my servers and point them towards my squid proxy VIP. In doing so, I am able to funnel all outbound web requests to a single location and maintain granular control on my proxies instead of external firewall . . .

High availability postfix mail relay

A simple yet effective way to utilize an internal mail relay that is load balanced by HAProxy.

Kyle Takeuchi

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